Dr Yin Shanqing

Dr Yin Shanqing

Senior Principal
Human Factors Specialist
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Dr Yin Shanqing is a Senior Principal Human Factors Specialist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, pioneering the application of human factors principles and methodologies toward healthcare research and solution-planning in Singapore. With over ten years of human factors exposure, Dr Yin’s journey has brought him through various domains such as aviation and process control. He has been involved in projects of varying scales, ranging from the development of user-friendly products and interfaces to the design and refinement of large infrastructures as well as sociotechnical systems. He has a PhD in Human Factors & Systems Engineering and a BSc in Psychology and is also an FAA-certified private pilot.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Patient Safety Course 2019 2 days 11 October 2019
Patient Safety Course 2017 2 Days 17 November 2017
Patient Safety Course 2015 2 Days 9 October 2015

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