Dr Patrick Chia Chong Ming

Dr Patrick Chia Chong Ming

Transformation Services
MOH Holdings Pte Ltd

Dr Patrick Chia had an early passion for IT and technology, and whilst in the SAF, he helped spearhead the conceptualization of the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) EMR.

In 1998, he led Tan Tock Seng Hospital efforts in Medical Informatics and subsequently became Chief Information Officer, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics. It was in this role that he led the development and implementation of an integrated Electronic Medical Record system and Patient Management and Administration system in 9 Polyclinics. Leading the development of Clinical Applications in NHG, Archival Communications System (PACS) and Accident and Emergency System for NHG institutions.

He subsequently joined SingHealth to develop the area of medical informatics for SHS. He performed SHS cluster roles in diverse healthcare IT areas and this include ensuring the successful adoption of EMR and the design of a CPOE  and discharge summary systems. He was also responsible for Technology Strategy, Planning and Assessment and helped to oversee and champion the development of Medical Informatics in SGH/SingHealth.

In 2008, he joined MOHH ISD and was responsible for the conceptualization of the NEHR program and led all clinical alignment, clinical requirements, clinical change management and patient safety areas. He was co-chair of the medication taskforce for the NEHR.

He created the National GP IT program and plays an advisory role for medication management IT projects and the care and case management initiatives at the National level for both the public and private sector. He also has a keen interest in developing the informatics framework for precision medicine and transformation in the field of diagnostics.

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