Raising Academic Standards for Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality

Kok Hian Tan, Alvin SM Chang
Editorial Board, JPSHQ

Firstly, a very warm welcome to this new journal! The Journal of Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality (JPSHQ) is a culmination of efforts by members in the healthcare community, who are keen in raising the academic standards for patient safety & health-care quality in Asia and beyond.

Although there are many excellent projects, ideas and innovations in patient safety and healthcare quality improvement, very few of them had been distilled and translated into academic publications for better dissemination, education and sharing. This journal attempts to fill this void in Asia. We hope to encourage and nurture patient safety and quality improvement activists to share their project experi-ences and insights through academic publications in the JPSHQ.

As the saying goes – ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Creating an academic journal in patient safety and healthcare quality requires multi-pronged support from the community. Besides a dedicated editorial board, a vibrant group of reviewers is needed to ensure the rigorousness of the peer-review system is maintained. Strong support from healthcare leaders as well as patient safety and quality improvement champions, is crucial. They help create a conducive environment for conducting rigorous projects in patient safety and healthcare quality improvement; and a system and culture for facilitating academic presentations and publications.

JPSHQ, a peer reviewed journal, is dedicated to presenting innovation advances, field applications & projects in every area of patient safety and healthcare quality. The journal accepts manuscripts for the following – original articles, commentaries, case studies, improvement projects, reviews and report articles in patient safety and healthcare quality.

If this journal faithfully mirrors our development and progress in patient safety & healthcare quality domain and improves its scientific and editorial standards in the years to come, the academic education and sharing of best practices will translate into better care for patients in Asia and beyond. JPSHQ will then realise the vision of its sponsors (Healthcare Quality Society of Singapore; and SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute for Patient Safety & Quality) and justify the efforts of the many who have helped to bring it into being.